Chromatic Harvest

Completion: 2017

Location: Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station, Arvada CO

DescriptionChromatic Harvest is inspired by geometric crop rows, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. A vibrant, kaleidoscopic effect connects Arvada’s agricultural past with its dynamic present.

The artwork features agricultural landscapes in an array of abstracted kaleidoscopic compositions. This effect is presented on ‘folded’ ceramic steel panels, to create a lenticular effect that changes with the viewer’s perspective. These folded panels are integrated onto the rail station plaza wall and the east underpass wall. As viewers move by the wall, the imagery shifts between the various kaleidoscopic compositions in a moving gradient. Movement is more than a major narrative theme of this project; the viewer’s own movement becomes part of their experience of the artwork.

From a distance, these kaleidoscopic compositions appear as beautiful and vibrant, geometric patterns. But as viewers approach, there is a wonderful sense of discovery as commuters parse out subtle details of color and form that suggest that the compositions are abstracted from crop row imagery.

The artwork connects the past with the present and future using the themes of agriculture and movement. Natural growth becomes the metaphor for the growth and vitality of Arvada’s current and future generations. Gesturing towards the context of the rail station, movement becomes a metaphor for Arvada as a community on the move. The viewer’s own movement becomes part of their experience of the artwork, poetically grounded in Arvada’s agricultural past and the transportation context of the rail station site. 

Architect: METALAB