Earth & Skyline

Completion: 2017

Location: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Tx

Description: Captured in this piece are images of Houston environments from various altitudes that are conflated into an abstract composition. Earth and Skyline is an extension of a series of composite works combining imagery of multiple days, weather conditions, seasons and times of day. Time-lapse techniques and digital manipulation are used to represent various "moments" that blur together and visually express the actual "passage of time.” Within one gesture, they communicate multiple atmospheric qualities of a specific space. Photography can be interpreted as a type of “time machine” that transports you to a moment or experience - this work takes that notion and distorts it, obscuring the scene while keeping intact a common essence. Much like a memory trying to resurface, it is a challenge to specifically identify its components, however the mood it creates will resonate as a familiar experience.

From a distance the overall mural reflects a lively, vibrant impression of Houston’s various elevations from bayou images near the bottom, merging upwards into images of city life and nature, and further upwards into the Houston skyline. Upon closer inspection, the viewer will discover many details that give away its specific locations.

Photography: Pablo Gimenez Zapiola