Luminous Stratum

Completion: 2018

Location: Dallas Love Field Airport, Dallas, TX

Description: Luminous Stratum is inspired by contrails set against the vibrant and colorful open sky above Dallas. The artwork celebrates the “Spirit of Flight” in the context of the natural world and the dramatic skyscape of North Texas.

Luminous Stratum features a parametrically generated sculpture composed of semi-translucent, white, acrylic fins, forming a contrail- like gesture. Streaks of color rapidly move down the length of the sculpture and then slowly dissipate, blend, and dissolve into one another, evoking the formation and dissipation of contrails in the open sky. The streaks of color move in both directions.

This undulating array of individually laser-cut fins is suspended from the plank ceiling above the Pedestrian Corridor. The dynamic color effect is created by an LED system integrated within this sculptural array. The fins function to both diffuse and become awash with the LED lighting.

The colors of the contrails are taken from the unique hues of the dramatic North Texas sky and change throughout the course of the day and night. The dynamic illuminated patterns are soft and ethereal, resonating with an atmospheric sensibility. 

Design Optimization/Management: METALAB

Photography: Pablo Gimenez Zapiola