Memory Cloud

Completion: 2013

Location: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Description: Recognized as a "Top Project for 2013" by the prestigious CoD+A Awards, Memory Cloud explores the embodiment of tradition, as shared patterns of movement handed down within a community of learning. An ethereal constellation of light expresses the dynamic pulse of Texas A&M University campus life, making students both viewer and subject. Moving patterns of light are abstracted from archived footage of time-honored traditions, associated with the Corp of Cadets, the Texas Aggie Marching Band, Kyle Field, and other student experiences. Memory Cloud juxtaposes and interlaces this footage with a real-time feed of everyday student life in the MSC. Like shifting images in the clouds, the abstracted forms change constantly throughout the day. This living sculpture unites past and present for the viewer, who cannot tell if these patterns were created seconds, hours, days or decades before.

Tradition is embodied in daily campus life, yet it has an ethereal, transcendent quality that lifts students above the everyday. This transcendent quality is best expressed in the medium of pure light, a medium made possible by LED technology. Memory Cloud features 4,000 networked LED nodes integrated within transparent tubes of various lengths suspended from a diagrid framework, creating a vibrant, illuminated pointillist sculpture.

Memory Cloud connects the past with the absolute present. This living sculpture uses multimedia technology to collapse time and space, to celebrate the daily renewal of tradition in the lives of Texas A&M students. Traditions unite past and present through shared patterns of movement, passed down through a community. In collaboration with:

Architect: METALAB

Lighting Designer: DMDS7UDIOS