Rising Field

Completion: 2013, Finalist

Location: Interstate 25 / Highway 34 Interchange, Loveland, CO

Description: For the Interstate 25/Highway 34 Interchange Project, Rising Field reinterprets steel plow discs as part of an iconic sculpture that unifies Loveland’s agricultural past with its technological present. The plow discs are of various diameters and arranged in arrays, connected by steel pipes, like in a set of harrows. The opposite sides of each plow disc are painted cherry red, celebrating one of Loveland’s most famous agricultural products. This provides a continually changing gradient of color as viewers drive by. In winter, the plow discs can also accumulate snow, recalling the beauty of how snow collects on in the field. The dynamic twisting form, configured using algorithmic software, evokes the city’s thriving technology industry. As the plow discs progress from large diameter to small diameter in a sweeping gesture, the sculpture begins to dramatically lift from the ground in a contrail-like form towards the sky and the city’s future.

Architect: METALAB