Time in Motion

Completion: 2015

Location: Houston Hobby Airport International Terminal, Houston, TX

Description: A sweeping wall light sculpture evokes an abstracted motion blur of continually changing color inspired by the colors of sunsets and sunrise witnessed when aboard an aircraft. On a more intimate scale, the work reveals an interpretive timeline exhibit that tells the story of Hobby airport, highlighting milestones, captioned photos, and small artifacts donated by the 1940 Air Terminal Museum.

The motion effect is made possible by an optically blurring glass film turning everything into streaks of color unless the viewing angle is perfectly perpendicular. This prompts viewers to walk the length of the wall to see the story unfold.

There is a conceptual unity between this visual gesture and the narrative of the timeline. Air travel is a rich metaphor for how we move together in a modern world, physically, culturally, and socially. The history of Hobby airport is a history of people in motion—both individually and collectively. Throughout its 75 year history, Hobby Airport has played a critical role in the development of Texas and the nation, fostering both individual mobility and the common good. The history of Hobby speaks to the wisdom of its namesake: that our lives our interdependent, that we must all move together and we must all keep together.

Design Optimization/Management: METALAB

Lighting Designer: G2LD

Photography: Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola, Mark Newsome