Completion: 2017

Location: Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

Description: The San Marcos River is considered “The Heart of Texas State University.” Using the River as a metaphor for the student’s journey, Vessels features water jet cut stainless steel forms that poetically evoke both leaves and canoes. The patterns are organic leaf designs that have been parametrically generated to create a visual effect that allows sunlight to pass through in a gradated way. The leaves are a gesture towards the Texas State’s seal, which features a wreath of native oak and laurel leaves, symbolizing strength and victory in knowledge. Long sculptural oars reinforce the vessels metaphor and position the water jet cut forms above viewers, creating dynamic shadow patterns that change throughout the day. The sculpture is powder coated white to visually accentuate itself from the surrounding environment during the day and when dramatically up lit at night. The forms are arranged in a path-like configuration to suggest both leaves and canoes navigating along a water current, evoking the Texas State University student’s journey. 

Architect: METALAB